Stand Kits

Shaving stands keep your brush and razor tucked neatly away from the counter and allow the brush to properly dry, reducing the moisture in the handle. This will help to greatly increase the life of the bristles and the wood in the handle.

The hanging stand kit is in all hard and beautiful maple, and includes the brush and razor. You may select a Mach 3, Fusion or Safety Razor head, as well as one of my two shaving soaps - Fir Needle/Petitgrain or Peppermine/Eucalyptus.

The magnetic stand kits use magnets to capture the brush and allow for proper draining and drying. The magnets are strong enough to easily hold the brush, and permit quick removal and recapture.

Kits are available in maple, walnut and cherry. You may choose among several brush types, including maple, cherry, bubinga/maple, cherry/walnut, and others.

These soaps create a thick, rich and long-lasting lather. There are only 4 soap ingredients in these soaps (coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil and stearic acid) - no bentonite clays, propylene glycol, sorbitol, tallow, or any of a large number of other ingredients and chemicals. Simple means safe and pure.