All brushes can be ordered with a special, 4th generation vegan synthetic brush knot. They are wonderfully soft and very durable. If you close your eyes, you won't be able to tell the difference between a badger and a vegan brush.

The vegan essential kit includes a beautiful maple handle and a super soft synthetic brush. You also get our vegan peppermint and eucalyptus shaving soap that creates a luxurious creamy lather that will last as long as your shave.

It is a very economical and special product. Perfect for those looking for a budget priced but still quite unique gift.

All of my bar soaps are vegan, with just 4 soap ingredients and lightly scented. Lavender is a favorite, and the unscented is truly without any aroma, unlike some other unscented soaps which can emit an odor from the soap ingredients.